Jamilla Johnson

 Welcome to MY STORY...... 

My passion  began with therapeutic bodywork  graduating from The Body  Institute in 1997. I chose to go the unconventional route of opening my own practice right after school "Path To Wellness" in the Midtown Sacramento area. it was there I shared and learned the ebb & flow of bodywork and what it truly meant to have a healing touch, facilitating that healing for my clients as well as for myself.

In 2000 I decided to go back to school at Federico Beauty College to become a Esthetician, I knew it would be difficult trying to maintain my practice and going to school full time but I DID IT! Continuing working on my wonderful clients with new techniques, tinctures, skin elixirs and modalities. I could not help this internally yearning for something else....yah know that fire in the belly that says GO! Well I did just that in 2004 I sold everything even the chandelier and packed up the truck and found myself in LOS ANGELES, BEVERLY HILLS that is, if your DREAMS are BIG. With vision and ambition I was so overwhelmed how people, situations and opportunities became available to me.I began working at the beautiful Amadeus Salon in The Grove, while courting a 5 Star 5 Diamond view at The Peninsula Hotel once I was given that opportunity I jumped right in. The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills was an incredible experience, working among talented spa therapist at the top of their game in the hospitality field, I truly felt yes I have arrived!   In late 2005 the fire in the belly churned again and I found myself surrounded by the exquisite scenery and extraordinary talent at The Four Seasons Hotel at Beverly Hills. Being at the Four Seasons Hotel was definitely a mode changer drawing upon all my experience I was supported and relied upon my colleagues and guest. I developed long standing relationships with an array of individuals from film, music and people living the CALIFORNIA DREAM. That burn popped up AGAIN while talking to a longtime client about her filming more in Atlanta she urged me to check it out. I scouted the ATL out and prepared to head SOUTH while a divine intervention had NORTH on the compass I needed to pay attention for it was regarding my health, I felt overwhelmed with the decision but I new it was the right thing to do. It is not everyday you are faced with your mortality and have much time to saunter with that. 

So NORTH I went, Napa Valley to be exact. Holding the well wishes of my Four Seasons family, clients and friends in my heart I arrived at Bardessono in Yountville where the opportunity awaited to showcase my talents and share my 5 Star experience. I enjoyed being in such a beautiful Leed Platinum establishment, you can not go wrong with vineyards and consciousness green living.That fire thing came back again! While working at Bardessono I decided to get back to my roots of owning my own business it was off season for the wine industry so I needed to do something. A great colleague and friend from my stint in LA Hannah had her own beautiful biz in THE CITY....San Francisco and told me "GIRL YOU CAN  DO IT!!"

Well I did.....SKIN & BODY METHOD was born! As I commuted  Yountville-San Francisco for 2 years I was like wait a minute I moved North to be close to family, relax, and enjoy my new outlook on my health......something gotta give well for sure it did. I found myself trying to keep up with S.F inflated commercial rental cost, working sometimes 7 days a week and not being in Napa long enough to enjoy those hot air balloons that would fly above my home, drink great wine, eat amazing food and spend time with my village because of the constant commuting was consuming me.  There goes that burn again! Finding a happy medium was SAUSALITO.......yes I was blessed to have a office across from those beautiful waves and cool boat folks. Sausalito always takes my breath and the drive from Napa was quite serene and I did not have to lay on the horn while crossing the bay bridge lol equaling less road rage!

A year passes and SACRAMENTO literally calls! Sacramento is my hometown and was the ethos of my career journey coming full circle I have persevered and remain grateful. I absolutely love what I do for clients, from making that stress go away for a moment to making their skin radiate for days with my beauty tricks of the trade. For me making a connection sharing my experiences, knowledge and my heart whether it is North, South, East or West is what matters. 

See you soon!

 ~Jamilla  XO